Happy birthday to Odin’s Shadow!

Happy “book birthday” to my first book, Odin’s Shadow! What a wonderful ride this year has been–I’ve made some amazing friends, laughed and cried, and learned so much on this epic journey called “So You Want to be a Published Author.” I’m so grateful to Debby Gilbert at Soul Mate Publishing for giving me a chance. And to Char Chaffin, the smartest and most patient editor in the world for putting up with me. And a HUGE thank you to all my supporters who have read and enjoyed my work. You’re the best! 12363047_504109563093582_3843073159947410490_o

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2 Responses to Happy birthday to Odin’s Shadow!

  1. Lily says:

    Hi Erin,

    I just finished reading your Sons of Odin Series in 2 days. I loved your books – they were a page turner and I couldn’t put them down. You are a great writer! After I finished the books, I looked to see of other books you may have written and was ready to download them, but didn’t see any. I look forward to releases of your new books.

    About the Odin Series, I did have mixed feelings after I finished reading the series. I felt sad in some ways that Alrik died even though he didn’t cherish Selia or his family enough to keep them safe. I liked Ulfrik too because he was a good man and loved Selia and gave up so much for her. I liked Alfrik even though he was flawed and the love story between him and Selia was beautiful. It was hard for me as a reader to switch from Alrik to Ulfrik even though Ulfrik probably deserved Selia more than Alrik. But regardless, I really enjoyed reading the books, just thought I would share some thoughts with you. Thanks for writing such great books.


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