In search of the elusive goose bump

A few years ago, I read somewhere that not everyone has the ability to experience goose bumps when listening to music. I remember blinking at my computer for a few moments, stunned. How could this be possible? How could a brain simply not be wired to feel the passion flowing from a piece of music? How sad to miss out on that indescribable full body shiver, as spirit, sound, and emotion become one.

I have to admit I am a goose bump junkie. I want it from the music I listen to, the books I read, and the movies I watch. The goose bumps pop up for different reasons. A perfect note reached and held, a line written so beautifully it could pass for poetry, or the expression on an actor’s face that silently speaks volumes. But it all boils down to the emotion. A piece that is technically perfect but lacking in emotion leaves me cold. A piece that is technically perfect and emotionally charged is a masterpiece, in my mind. These are the songs I listen to over and over, the books I re-read, and the movies that never get deleted from my DVR.

I want to write books that give readers goose bumps. That was my goal when I decided to become a writer, and I haven’t waivered from it. I want readers to feel my characters’ joy, pain, passion, fear, desperation, and love. I want readers to emotionally connect with the villain as much as they do the hero. And yes, I want readers to experience a feeling of absolute, full body goose bumps. Maybe I won’t be able to make it happen on the first book, but I’ll keep trying until I do.

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